Product info shirts

Product info shirts

WLM Designs designs and produces sportswear for MX- and BMX riders. By using a sublimation transfer printing system, we can make every design and any color on a shirts. That means we can also print all the logos of the sponsors in their own colors.

The material has a very high standard permanent quality. The shirts are resistant to extreme circumstances of practise and race. Because of the solid finishing the mx-shirts can be washed without losing the colorintensity.

After a few years we have developed some different types of shirts:

  • speciaal designed for the motocross


  • same fit as a MX-shirt
  • the fabric resists velcro better


  • special designed for the BMX
  • “tight” model
  • confirm the UCI rules
  • lightweight
  • extra flexible


  • same fit as a MX-shirt
  • designed for hot weather conditions
  • small holes for extra ventilation


  • same fit as a MX-shirt
  • designed for wet weather conditions
  • waterproof

For our MX-shirts, BMX-shirt, Aero-shirts and Rain-shirts it is possible to choose from 2 types of collar:
Normal collar
This is the same fabric as the shirts. You can print logos on this type of collar.

Leattbrace collar
The collar has a bigger opening so it fits around the brace. The collar is made of non-skid elastic and can’t be printed.
For a slimfit-shirt it is not possible to change the collar.

Our WLM MX-BMX shirts have their own sizing, you can’t compare it to other brands. Click here for our sizechart.
The sizes are average sizes and are allowed to have 3% of production deviation.

By filling in the orderform you have placed a legal order and the order has to taken!


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